• What Benefits Are Offered By Consuming Rice Protein?

    What Benefits Are Offered By Consuming Rice Protein?

    Rice protein is basically a protein supplement, which is prepared from Brown Rice. This is found in the form of powder. It is pointless to say that Rice protein offers diverse advantages to its user.

    However, many people may find it surprising to know that protein can be obtained from rice as well. The prevailing fact about rice is that it is a source of carbohydrate, but in reality, it contains essential amino acids, which in turn compose protein. For making a rice protein powder, brown rice is first treated with enzymes, which causes division between protein and carbohydrates through a particular conversion process. The good part of the whole conversion process is that, enzymes are being considered as vegan.

    Majority of people prefer brown rice protein powder in the form of some flavor and the most popular flavor is Vanilla, which can be easily mixed with food, drinks or even desserts. There are also people who find the taste of rice protein bitter, but there are ways to tackle the issues related to the taste. Once a protein powder is added to the baked goods or tasty smoothies, people are unable to figure out about its original taste.

    organice brown rice protein powderAs far as benefits are concerned, there are numerous benefits of rice protein. It is vegan and hence people, who follow strict vegan diet, can also use this rice protein powder. Another great benefit offered by this powder is that, it is easily digestible. When it comes to digestion, rice protein undoubtedly gains an upper hand over whey protein, which is prepared from dairy and soy and hence causes digestion problems. This is in fact the best alternative for protein for those people, who have problem in digesting lactose.

    In an aspect related to the pricing also, rice protein again takes the lead since it is less costly than soy whey protein. For calorie conscious people, rice protein is athe best alternative, since it contains fewer calories than other varieties of protein powder. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an ideal protein diet for those, who are willing to shed extra weight. A few studies have been conducted in order to find out whether a protein named endocrine, attained from brown rice, plays any role in lowering overall risk for heart disease or not and surprisingly, it was concluded that this protein does reduces risk for heart disease!

    However, one should remember that rice itself is not a source of whole protein, so one requires consuming other proteins along with rice, the solution apparently lies in the form of rice powder which is a perfect blend of all essential types of proteins. Nevertheless, before opting for a specific brand of protein powder, one should always try to read reviews to gain some knowledge about that and to ensure that it would turn out to be the best brand of protein powder for consumption. If taste is something which bothers you about protein powder then one can certainly look for flavored smoothies or baked goods.

  • Evolv Shakes Nutrition Facts

    Evolv Shakes Nutrition Facts, How It Works

    Weight loss is not considered an easy task. However, meal replacement shakes can serve as a powerful aid to accomplish this goal. Such shakes are intended to supply needed nourishment while keeping calories at bay. However, it is not always simple to know which shake works best. Evolv is a popular choice. Below are some Evolv shakes nutrition facts which you may find helpful.

    Evolv Shakes

    What are Evolv shakes? 


    Evolv shakes are meal replacement drinks. What makes the shakes unique is the fact that they contain CalorieControlTrim, and ModCarb. These are USDA developed ingredients which have been proven to support healthy weight loss. Each contain oat beta glucan. Beta glucan helps to control blood sugar levels. Stable levels of blood sugar helps to control hunger and promote the loss of excess weight.

    How does this shake plan work? 

    Evolv shakes come in powder form. It may be mixed with water to create a delicious shake or blended with fresh fruit to make refreshing smoothie. The powder comes in two delightful flavors. Dieters may choose from, chocolate, or vanilla. Single serve packets are available for easy use.

    Mixed shakes provide a wealth of vitamins and nutrients. These lend the body needed nourishment and energy. When mixed with water the product also contains needed hydration for post work out. Of course, shakes do control hunger which leads to the consumption of less calories. These factors combined prompt healthy weight loss.

    Evolv shakes nutrition facts: What makes weight loss occur? 

    Elolv protein shakes contain a barrage of healthy vitamins, minerals, and other needed nutrients. Each of these substances prompt overall good health. However, certain nutrients lend more aid in the struggle with weight loss. Here is a description of two key ingredients contained in this weight loss shake

    • Protein: Protein provides a multitude of weight loss benefits. It helps to maintain blood sugar levels which controls hunger. As well, it also increases energy which leads to greater levels of activity. Increased activity burns fat storing calories.

    • Each Evolv shake contains 6 grams of fiber. Fiber induces feelings of being full. This is because it digests much more slowly than other foods. As a result, it stays in the stomach longer. This nutrients also aids in the removal of waste from the body.

    Those who use the Evolve shake mix as directed will receive 35% of the recommended daily intake of 19 different vitamins and minerals. This is in addition to 12 grams of protein. As well, Evolv powder actually aids the bodies absorption of vitamins and minerals.

    Evolv shakes are recommended to be used as a meal replacement up to twice daily. Most users opt to have a shake for breakfast and lunch. Then to eat a well balanced dinner. Following this routine along with a dedicated exercise program can help to achieve weight loss goals.

  • What Are Phytonutrients?

    What Are Phytonutrients?

    The health of our bodies are very important and a basic start to understanding this, is to understand phytonutrients. A big word that could scare some people, because it kind of resembles gibberish. Unfortunately, most of the stuff that is better for our bodies, usually do resemble gibberish. That is, to anyone not associated with the medical world. Good news, just because you aren’t normally associated with it, does not mean you have to be left out.

    Phytochemical VS Phytonutrients

    When you start looking into this subject, you are going to run into the term phytochemical. Both terms have the prefix ‘phyto,’ which translates to plant. So, loosely translated the terms are plant nutrients and plant chemicals. The terms are one and the same, the only reason some choose to use phytochemical over phytonutrient is because they feel as if the nutrients are not essential to our bodies. It is up to you which you choose, but as there is no real difference, any information containing either terms will assist you in your search.

    What Does It All Mean?phytonutrients

    Here comes some of the juicy information, what all do the phytonutrients have in them? The answer is a long list and you may only recognize a few of them. Some of the most common are carotenoids, flavonoids or polyphenols, inositol phosphates, lignans and sulfides. These are only a few of them, as you can imagine the world is full of plants and bound to have just as many nutrients. The nutrients originally were found as healthy for the plants themselves but they are also very healthy for us.


    This class of phytonutrients has been noticed to help protect against cancers, macular degeneration and even heart disease. An easy way to remember this group starts by putting together carotenoid and carotene. These are of the brighter variety of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, peaches and broccoli.


    This group is a little more diverse in its nature, as it’s known as secondary plant metabolites. Your absorption and metabolism is what increases when you intake these. Amazingly, flavonoids are found in wine and tea.

    The list could go on explaining which class came from which plant, but it’s safe to say if you eat your fruits and vegetables you will be safe. While there is still research being done, one study has shown that by eating only three servings of fruits and vegetables a day, can decrease the risk of a stroke by 22%. The brighter the plants, the more nutrients they will contain. The biggest advantages seen so far have to do with slowing the aging process and helping the immune system. Ever noticed that the anti-aging products you buy usually contain some sort of fruit? General researchers are not the only ones that have caught on to the benefits of phytonutrients.

    Although some families are trying to follow the new guidelines to eating healthier, including more vegetables throughout the day, they still are not getting enough. Even if they include 3 servings throughout the day, it still may not be enough. Why is this? Because some of those veggies, the darker ones, may only count for 0.2% percent of a serving.

    The brighter vegetables contain more nutrients and therefore add a greater punch to totaling out how much you have in a day. While phytonutrients are not essential to our systems, they do help with its ability to run normally. Even if all you were to do was eat out, you would still be getting some vegetables because of the fries or the tomatoes on the hamburger. The greasy foods won’t help anything but it’s like the old saying, ‘an apple a day will keep the doctor away.’

  • How does Glucosamine work?

    How does Glucosamine work?

    Imagine a healthy young girl skipping down the sidewalk, ponytail bouncing and a smile as wide as the sky; she passes a older man with a shock of white hair who is using a cane, stiffly putting one foot in front of the other, with a smile that borders on a grimace. One of these two has a healthy amount of glucosamine in their cartilage, enabling fluid, painless movement of their joints – it is likely not our elderly friend with the cane. Just what is glucosamine and what function does it perform in our bodies?

    Glucosamine is an amino sugar; “amino” is a term in chemistry that simply means something is made from or contains the group of atoms named NH2 or Amidogen. But we need not get too far into chemistry terminology to understand how glucosamine works. Think of glucosamine as a sugar molecule that, along with other materials, makes up the connective tissue in our bodies. Connective tissue is the material that connects or holds our bodies together.
    It is worth pointing out that it is actually the chemical compound glucosamine sulfate that is found the fluid around our joints. It can also be extracted from seashells, or synthesized.

    What does Glucosamine do in our bodies?
    Glucosamine helps to keep joints and tissue healthy; it helps not only to make cartilage but to repair it as well. Cartilage is a rubbery material that cushions our joints, making it possible for us to run and jump without stiffness or pain. Our bodies or like factories, producing glucosamine every day, but as we age production does slow down. Unfortunately, those of us who have osteoarthritis will have our cartilage become too thin, resulting in joint friction, pain, and stiffness.

    How about Glucosamine supplements? What do they do for our bodies?
    There is a prominent theory that taking glucosamine supplements can help restore the amount of naturally occurring glucosamine to regular levels, thereby helping to strengthen and repair our joints. It must be stated that the jury is still out when it comes to definitive proof that taking supplements actually does help to heal and strengthen our joints. Let’s have a look at the current state of the science.

    Will Your Doctor Recommend Glucosamine Supplements for Stiff and Achy Knees?
    It depends! Some doctors will not recommend glucosamine supplements because they have not yet seen conclusive studies that the treatment is effective. Other doctors see hopeful signs in recent studies; some researchers are on record as stating that taking glucosamine supplements may increase the fluid and cartilage around joints. Others have pointed out that it may help prevent breakdown of cartilage. There is a growing consensus that the most effective form of glucosamine to take as a supplement is glucosamine sulfate; it is definitely known that the body needs sulfate to produce cartilage. Glucosamine hydrochloride or N-acetyl glucosamine are forms of glucosamine available as supplements but they do not contain sulfate.
    There is recent speculation, following a study in Europe, that taking glucosamine reduced the amount of narrowing of cartilage in the knee. Further studies, including in North America, are expected to try to reproduce these encouraging results.

    What Do the Naturopaths Have to Say About Glucosamine?
    Naturopaths, generally, see glucosamine as having robust effects on a series of health ailments such as: knee osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones and inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease.
    Naturopaths point to recent studies that show glucosamine to be more effective – and less harmful¬ – than acetaminophen in treatment pain associated with moderately severe osteoarthritis. This is important news as many people afflicted with osteoarthritis suffer severe side effects from a steady diet of acetaminophen, including damage to the intestinal tract.

    At the End of the Day
    There is work to be done. Anecdotal evidence, supported by a limited number of clinical trials, has indicated that ingesting glucosamine sulfate can stop deterioration of cartilage in its tracks, and also reduce the worrisome pain associated with osteoarthritis. If you are worried about developing osteoarthritis as you age – and genetics are thought to be a factor ¬– you could do worse than ask your doctor about the possible benefits of taking glucosamine supplements. She will likely be well informed on this hot medical topic and can give you some top-notch advice about staying limber.

  • What are Betalains?

    What are Betalains?

    Interested in Betalains? You should be.
    Betalains are a class of red and yellow pigments that naturally occur in some plants and fungi. They are however more noticeable in flowers and fruits. For example, the rich red coloring found in beets is caused by betalains. Betalains also cause the coloring of flower petals. But betalains are not popular just because of their coloring. It is what they offer. Betalains have powerful antioxidants properties, which makes them a good choice to add to your diet.

    Beets are a popular source of Betalains because they contain high concentration of these phytonutrients. People can enjoy the benefits of Betalains by either eating beets or taking products containing extracted betalains. Why are the health properties of Betalains so important? According to clinical studies, betalains offer the following medical benefits.

    Reduce the risk of clots

    Betalains help in protecting the body by reducing the risk of blood clots. They achieve this by fighting off the inflammation that causes the blood to become sticky. Reducing the risk of clots ensures the sustained good health of the body’s circulatory system, minimizing the risk of strokes or cardiac conditions.

    Reduces Bad Cholesterol

    A diet high in betalains has been shown to reduce the unhealthy levels of bad cholesterol. Betalains achieve this by oxidizing the LDL cholesterol content of the blood. As well as lowering the LDL cholesterol level in the blood, Betalains can also increase the HDL cholesterol level—which is the good kind of cholesterol.

    Protection from Toxins

    Every day, your body is constantly exposed to toxins. There are toxins present in the air and toxins created within our body. Examples of the latter include hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and carcinogens. Antioxidants keep the body free of toxins by increasing the activity of CYP-2E1—a unique enzyme that is capable of combating toxins. The presence of this enzyme protects your cells and organs from disease.

    Protection from Cancer

    Betalains exhibit anti-cancer like properties that are capable of protecting the body against the harmful toxins that known to trigger tumor growth. The anti-oxidant properties of betalains can help in limiting the radicals and toxins that causes cell mutation.

    Protect the body from inflammation

    Inflammation can be very dangerous if it is left uncontrolled. It can lead to tissue damage, strokes, and even death. Toxins or infections sometimes cause inflammations. Because betalains are powerful antioxidants, the can help reduce inflammation by fighting off the causative toxins and reversing the biological action.

    Protect your Liver

    The liver serves as a filter for the body, removing the harmful toxins present in the circulatory system. Betalains can support this action by fighting of toxins, reducing the amount of work that your liver has to do. With fewer toxins in your system, you will be able to ensure that your liver stays protected.

    Protection from Premature Aging

    Betalains do not stop the aging process. But they can protect the skin from displaying premature signs of aging by combating the toxins, pollutants, and foreign particles that damage the body. Betalains supplements are also fortified with important minerals and nutrients that nourish the skin. This leads to healthy cell growth and smoother looking skin.

    If you are interested in adding betalains to your diet, you can turn to a number of sources. For instance, you can derive your betalain from foods such as beets or through a betalain supplement. If you should prefer supplements, make sure that you only buy reliable products. Betalain supplements have no side effects and have little risks of overdose. However, it is still important that you use them as prescribed.



  • Inflammation –How it can damage your body

    Inflammation –How it can damage your body

    You have probably read articles discussing how inflammation can damage your body. But is inflammation unhealthy and should you be concerned about it? The answer to that question is Yes and No.
    There are two types of inflammation that can occur in the body—Acute and chronic inflammation. Acute information is the safer form. It offers several useful benefits. Chronic information is however dangerous. It is the cause of many diseases and can be potentially life threatening.

    What is Chronic Inflammation?

    Inflammation occurs naturally in the body. It is the body’s natural response to healing. When you get a cut or bump your head against an object, the inflammation of the area promotes the healing process, allowing white blood cells to do their job. However, when the natural process of inflammation goes on for too long or is too intense, certain downsides can occur. Instead of healing, chronic inflammation can end up damaging the affected and surrounding tissue in so many ways.

    The Dangers of Chronic Inflammationinflammation

    Chronic inflammation occurs when the body initiates the inflammation process for the wrong reasons. For instance, chronic inflammation is one of the key factors behind diseases such as asthma and Crohns’s disease. In such cases, the body wrongly initiates inflammation to fight against non-threatening bodies.

    Chronic inflammation can also increase a person’s risk of cardiac diseases. Here is how it works. For various reasons, the lining of the arteries may be damaged. In response, the body sends white blood cells to the affected site causing the area to become inflamed. This is the natural reaction.

    However, if the affected area is not healed quickly, the damage can worsen, leading to further inflammation, which in turn will cause the surrounding artery walls to become weaker and prone to more buildup of plaque. Eventually, the walls become so stiff and covered in plaque that they might break and cause the formation of blood clots. Once that happens, your risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke or thrombosis increases sharply.

    That is not all. Prolonged inflammation also encourages oxidation damage. One of the byproduct of cellular oxidation is free radicals. These highly unstable elements damage your body by attaching themselves to molecules. If the balance of free radical is not controlled, it can quickly spiral out of control causing the formation of more free radicals and leading to wide spread oxidation damage. Chronic inflammation can also contribute to the development of cancer. People who suffer from chronic bladder inflammation caused by an infection or cystitis have an increased risk of developing

    Unfortunately, the symptoms of chronic inflammation are not always immediately obvious which means that many people may be suffering from this condition without knowing it until it becomes severe. There are just too many downsides of unhealthy inflammation for people to ignore the risk.

    Treating Chronic Inflammation

    The good news is that there are ways of preventing chronic inflammation. A key factor is your lifestyle choice. People with poor diets that are high in saturated and trans-fat have an increased risk of developing chronic inflammation. Examples of some of the foods that may contribute to inflammation include fried foods, pastries, processed foods, sugar, and fatty dairy products.

    These foods are unhealthy because they promote the formation of plaque within the circulatory system, which damages the cell walls and increases the blood pressure.

    Instead of these foods, you can improve your health by maintaining a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and low fat protein. Foods like beet, which are high in antioxidants, are a great choice because they decrease the amount of toxins and free radicals in your blood, reducing the risk of inflammation. You can also reduce your risk of developing chronic inflammation by avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking and severe alcohol consumption.


  • Using Cha’ de bugre for diet and nutrition

    Using Cha’ de bugre for diet and nutrition

    Weight loss does not come easily, which is why many people rely on weight loss supplements. There are dozens of different weight loss supplements sold in the world today. Some of these are effective while others are not.
    Chá de bugre supplements falls into the former category.

    What are Chá de bugre supplements?

    Chá de Bugre supplements are derived from a tree that is native to the rainforests of South America. The Chá de Bugre tree bears a fruit that is similar in many ways to a coffee bean. The fruit can be plucked, roasted, and brewed like coffee. However, Chá de Bugre fruit s not only popular because of its taste. Chá de Bugre supplements offer several weight loss benefits.

    How it works

    Chá de bugre supplements trigger weight loss in several different ways. Some of these include;

    Appetite Suppression

    Watching your diet is an important key to losing weight. By creating a calorie deficit, people can force their body to burn fat. Chá de Bugre encourages weight loss through appetite suppression. It blocks the part of your brain that triggers hunger pangs. Having fewer cravings to fight off makes it easier for people to maintain a healthier diet. Instead of eating large meals, you will only require a few bites to feel satisfied.


    70% of the body is made up of water. This is important because Chá de Bugre is also an effective diuretic. Taking Chá de Bugre supplements fights of bloating by reducing water retention. People can shed as much as 5lbs within 2 weeks from water loss alone. Although this does not cause permanent weight loss, it helps in preventing false figures caused by unhealthy water retention.

    Cellulite reduction

    Cellulite is one of the least loved fallouts of fat. It is unattractive and forces people to become more insecure about their clothing. Chá de Bruge does not exactly reduce cellulite. But the reduction of water, caused by its diuretic properties can help in tightening the bumpy appearance of the skin, resulting in a smoother appearance. Still, it is important to remember that the only way of permanently losing cellulite is to lose fat.

    Use and Symptoms

    Chá de bugre supplements are available in different dosages. Supplements should only be as prescribed. There are no serious side effects connected with using Chá de Bugre. Most complaints are mild symptoms caused by the caffeine content such as restlessness and light cases of insomnia. These however rarely last long.

    The Risks

    Despite the advertised benefits of using Chá de bugre, there are certain risks associated with its use. Chá de bugre is not recommended for people who are on prescribed medication. That is because there is very little clinical knowledge about the effects of the weight loss supplement when mixed with drugs. Because of the supplement’s diuretic properties, combining Chá de bugre with drugs containing lithium is not advisable.

    People taking cancer treatments are encouraged to avoid taking Chá de bugre supplements because it may interfere with the effects of their medication and affect the efficiency of their chemotherapy treatments. Chá de bugre is also not recommended for nursing or pregnant women.


    Adding Chá de bugre supplements will help improve your weight loss diet. However, you can also enhance the weight loss effects of Chá de bugre supplements by combining your diet with regular exercise. The American Heart Association recommends that people spend a minimum of 150 minutes engaged in moderate physical activity such as walking or jogging or 75 minutes of intense physical activity such as running. Exercising constantly will increase the amount of calories that you burn daily, which will increase the rate at which you lose weight.