• The Benefits of Energy Drinks

    The Benefits of Energy Drinks

    If you’ve seen people carrying around energy drinks and sipping on them perhaps you’ve wondered what the benefits of energy drinks are? Is it just a fad or do these drinks actually help you and benefit you in some sort of way?

    What are Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks are available from a number of different brands and actually hold a pretty large spot in the beverage department. The drinks are meant to give you a sudden burst of energy that is meant to keep you going and keep you awake. These benefits are achieved through large amounts of caffeine and/or some sort of herbal extract that promotes alertness, such as the B vitamins. Large amounts of sugar are also added, to further boost your energy level.evolv energy drinks

    The amount of caffeine in a typical energy drink is equal to a medium sized cup of coffee, which is about 180mg. On average, it is recommended you don’t drink more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

    Because they contain a stimulant, they actually do what they claim and pretty quickly at that. Likely before you even finish the drink, you’ll start feeling its benefits. However, the stimulants used are meant for long-term results, which means just as fast as you get those benefits and that boost, you’ll also quickly crash.

    Are the Benefits of Energy Drinks Safe?

    Energy drinks have quite a lot of buzz surrounding them. On the one side you’ll find the hardcore users that swear by them and actually can function without them. On the other side are those with a more guarded approach. It is a proven fact that they can lead to problems, so consuming them in large quantities is not advised.

    Some of the negatives may include weight gain thanks to the large amounts of sugar, trouble sleeping due to the stimulants, irritability, a faster heartbeat, nervousness and even an increase in blood pressure. If you’re someone who suffers from any of those issues without an energy drink, adding one to your routine is obviously not a wise idea.

    Anyone with high blood pressure or heart disease should steer clear of the drinks so as now to cause problems. Those under the age of 12 should not be consuming the drinks and even teenagers aren’t wise to get started on them. Of course women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume them either.

    It is advised that you stick to about 16 ounces max a day of these sugary beverages. As well, they aren’t meant to be a long-term solution to feeling tired and low on energy. Instead it is advised you address those problems directly through a well-balance, healthy diet and regular exercise.

    For those who are working out it’s also important to point out these are not meant to rehydrate like sports drinks do. In fact, because of the caffeine they will have the exact opposite affect and further dehydrate you.

    Do the Benefits of Energy Drinks Outweigh the Negatives?

    This question is really left to the individual. When consumed in moderation energy drinks can safely deliver energy without any negative affects. Where it gets dicey is if you start consuming them on a regular basis. Caffeine is of course an addictive substance, so likely the more you consume, the more you’ll want. As well if you’re drinking tea or coffee through the day as well, you’ll quickly reach your daily caffeine suggested allowance.

    There is the fact that they are such a convenient way to get a source of quick energy. They can easily be thrown into a purse, jacket pocket, in the car or bag to be consumed later in the day when needed.

    If you’re looking for a quick, short-lived burst of energy then the benefits of energy drinks really are worth it. They should be thought of as an occasional way to give you a boost and get you through the next short block of time.